Welcome to Nimrod’s

Welcome to Nimrods Campground.  If you enjoy the quiet beauty of lakeside camping, watching loons and listening to owls, you have arrived at your destination.  And if you prefer being out in the lake to fish or just paddle around, we have canoes to rent.  New docks and a floating diving platform for swimmers were added last year. If fishing is in your plans, bring your rod and tackle box as the lake is stocked annually with trout.

The province of Ontario is home to many wonderful camping grounds. One can camp for fun, excitement, or for the complete wilderness experience. There are many options in camping in Ontario. From the first time campers to seasoned outdoor lovers, Ontario offers the perfect choice of camping grounds.

A campground in Ontario is a great place to get away from it all. There are some wonderful camping grounds throughout the province. One can get away from it all and still have a fantastic time while camping.

This premier golf course in southern Ontario is perfect for those wanting to just relax and enjoy a day on the course. The courses provide a great getaway from everyday life. It offers fishing, hunting, golf, tennis, golfing, volleyball, and basketball. It is also home to one of the best mini-golf courses in the country.

If a little off the beaten path camping is what you are after, then the Glencairn in Ontario is the perfect spot for you. You can also go on a breathtaking camping safari in this area. One can get a glimpse of the nature that surrounds them while they are camping in the area. It is also home to many hiking trails, and bird watching opportunities.

This camping ground is near Toronto. It is located right in the city centre, and allows one to spend the night away from the city. It has a number of camping choices for those wanting to camp in the province. This is also home to many of the same activities as the Glencairn Golf Course.

The Rock Quarry is a unique place to spend your camping trip. The location is beautiful, with stunning scenery surrounding it. It is also a very peaceful place to camp.

If the open green area of Beaverton Beach, is what you are looking for, then this campground is for you. It is located near the beautiful Beaches of Toronto. The small size is perfect for an early morning getaway.

This park is another great place to spend your camping trip. It is close to downtown Toronto and has a number of things to do for the young ones in the family. There are campsites for the young ones to enjoy, and spaces for older children and adults. Some camping options are offered.